Company history

Johs. F. la CourFounded in 1905

Pindstrup Mosebrug A/S was founded in the village of Pindstrup, Denmark, by entrepreneur Johannes F. la Cour in 1905. During the first decades the company was involved in various activities, one of which was the cutting of peat blocks for heating. Peat was also sold as livestock litter. 


Old Pindstrup logoIn the 1960s, the use of peat for heating began to decrease, and the company looked for alternative outlets for their products. At the same time, peat had begun to be used as a great growing media for plants, and the company started to develop and sell peat substrates, both in Denmark and also for export, to an increasing extent. With time, other company activities were divested.


Subsidiaries established around the world

In 1979, a subsidiary was established in Northern Ireland – Bulrush Horticulture Ltd., which caters for the markets in Ireland and Great Britain. 


Another subsidiary was established in Spain in 1989 when a peat company was acquired near Burgos north of Madrid. Pindstrup Mosebrug S.A.E. covers the markets in Spain and Portugal.


Cooperation with an Estonian peat company began in the early 1990s, and Estonian Peat Products was established in Viljandi, Estonia, as a joint venture. In the mid-1990s, Pindstrup acquired a number of bogs in Latvia as well as a peat company near Riga, and in 1998, a new subsidiary and factory – SIA Pindstrup Latvia – was established. Pindstrup Latvia supplies customers worldwide with Baltic peat.


In 2013, the Pindstrup Group expanded its activities by acquiring the company Rostorfinvest in Russia, which later changed its name to OOO Pindstrup and covered the Russian market and the CIS states. In 2022, a sales process was initiated, and Pindstrup Russia is now considered a discontinued activity.

The latest addition to the Pindstrup Group, Carolina Soil do Brasil, was acquired in 2021, adding to Pindstrup's activities in Brazil. Carolina Soil operates from two locations, in Pardinho and Santa Cruz do Sul.


Pindstrup around the world 

In addition to the above production sites, the Pindstrup Group has sales offices and consultants in many countries across the globe. For contact information, please look up your local Consultant or find all Pindstrup addresses.


Today, the Pindstrup Group employs more than 800 employees, all dedicated to helping growers across the world, every day.