About Pindstrup 

Pindstrup Mosebrug A/S is one of the world's leading producers of high-quality substrates for professional growers. Customers in more than 100 countries have chosen Pindstrup as their preferred supplier of growing media. 

With more than 100 years of experience in the peat business and 5 decades of supplying substrates to the horticultural and agricultural industries, we at Pindstrup know how to harvest and handle the raw materials so our customers can rely on a consistent product, every time. Our knowhow is reflected in the high Pindstrup quality, and Pindstrup growing media are a strong basis for healthy plants. Our products are developed and designed in close collaboration with our customers. Read more about our professional products.

Based on our experience and cooperation with growers around the world, we also offer a wide range of products for the amateur gardener. For more information on retail products, please to go Retail.